Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Big Birthday and Paris

While I was in Seattle for my mom's memorial service, I turned thirty.  Aaron had an elaborate surprise party planned for me in Copenhagen, so I was bummed to miss it, but happy that friends and family in Seattle were able to celebrate this milestone with me.

On my birthday I woke up to this delicious breakfast that D and Aaron whipped up.  It was delish!  Aaron snuck a Fran's salted caramel on my plate--my favorite.  Aaron and Dad threw me a wonderful party with some of my Seattle friends.  My family bought me a camera for my birthday that takes high-quality pictures.  (I am still learning how to use it, so please excuse the learning curve.)

I thought a lot about my mom who gave birth to me thirty years ago to the day.  It was a very bittersweet birthday for me.
On another note, Mhiles and Anne, two of my friends in Copenhagen, gave me an unbelievable gift for my thirtieth birthday.  They took me to...

Paris!  I couldn't believe my ears when they told me about my present back in February.  It was a dream come true.  We left two days after we flew back from Seattle.

The plan for our girl trip was to do all the fun things that our husbands wouldn't want to do on a trip to Paris.  (Explore fabric shops, hunt for good deals at flea markets etc.) Unfortunately, Anne wasn't able to come at the last minute, so Mhiles and I explored on our own.

The first day we walked around Montmartre.  What a beautiful area!

Does this fruit stand look familiar?  If not, you should rent the movie Amélie.  It's a good one.

What we saw next took our breath away.  The Parisian fabric stores are all housed at the base of the Sacré Cœur.  Mhiles and I were overwhelmed as we had never seen so many fabric stores in our lives.

There were shops that exclusively sold buttons.  (I am getting giddy just thinking about it.)

Other shops just sold trims and tassels.  This is a sewer's dream come true!  Mhiles and I both love to sew, but were so overwhelmed by this experience we didn't buy anything.  Shameful, I know.

The next day we went to the largest flea market in the world, and just saw a sliver of it.  This was the most exciting treasure hunt of my life.  Each stall was really a small store that was decorated like an Anthropologie catalogue.  I will remember this day for the rest of my life.  I had THAT much fun.

Vintage textiles

Old beads

This frame shop was my favorite.  These antique frames were exquisite.

We worked up a hunger after shopping around all morning, so we found a small restaurant nearby.  They seemed to be filming a TV show inside.

As fate would have it, our apartment was near the most incredible bakery.  Really, the pastries and cookies were more like art.

Don't these look delicious?  After I took this picture, we were asked NOT to take pictures in the shop. 

Ladurée also had a beautiful Sunday brunch.

Anne and Mhiles, thank you both for an incredible trip!  It was the most memorable birthday yet.

You may be wondering who took care of the boys while I was away.  Aaron took excellent care of Ethan and Chase AND rumor has it that Ethan's outfits matched and coordinated with Daddy's.  I came home to a house that was cleaner than the one I left.  Way to go, Hubby!


Anonymous said...

Had SO much fun playing with the boys while you were away, but we did miss you like crazy. Awesome pics of Paris! I especially love the one of the cookies and pastries at that ridiculously awesome bakery! Glad you loved the B-Day party. I was SO happy that everyone could make it on such short notice. Love ya tons.

Susan Nudelman said...

What a wonderful trip! The shops look so fun and the pastries...well, the pastries look heavenly. I will have to be contented with my frozen macarons from Trader Joes. They're actually not bad in a pinch!

Dacia said...

yay! and go dad! i'm dying to know what you got at the flea market!