Saturday, May 8, 2010

A "photo-less" post. Is that even a word?

I just read this post and then read this one.  They both got me thinking about the Internet, privacy, and how much information I want to share about our life and what pictures I want to post in this public setting.  The posts also made me think about what I want (and don't want) to share about my grieving process.  My blog looks a little different right now; a couple previous posts have been deleted and others look bland (and "Ethan-less") as I am figuring all of this out.

Living far from home, I know that many family members visit the blog specifically to see pics of the little guy, and this news will be disappointing.  I just need to process these thoughts and go with my gut.  I welcome any ideas that people have!

Aaron, Ethan, Chase, and I got out of the house early and went downtown today.  A friend gave me a gift certificate to a fabric shop for my birthday, so I had some fun picking out some pretty fabric for a Danish shirt that I will be making.  We also checked out a small flea market that was going on near the train station.   Tomorrow is Mother's Day!  It is my first one as a mom and without my mom.  Mom would want me to "have a groove" on my first Mother's Day, so I am going to try to do just that.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!


LoLa said...

This is really scary Emily! I can see why you'd be freaked out by it. I had no idea that this happens, but I hope that wider awareness of blog plagarism will make it stop.

enudelman said...

Hi Emily, I really understand what you're saying here and I guess all I would suggest is that you compartmentalize all that you want/wish to keep private into another space which you control access ; as for thieves stealing other kind of information/posting in your public blog, you just have to realize that sort of thing is endemic and implicit in the public arena of the internet. The funny paradox is that, while there is a good number of actual illicit theft going on, the percentage actually occurring, when compared to all the blogging that's going on... is vanishingly small. So you have to look at the likelihood of it happening, and then consider, in the worst case scenario, whether you could handle the risk vs outcome. For me, posting poems comes with that risk, and I've heard of poets who've lost poems that way... but for me, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Hey, maybe someone else would have better luck publishing them anyway (just kidding!). Much love, Pops