Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowflakes, Food, and Fabric

Another snowstorm hit Copenhagen on Tuesday.  We have over a foot of snow now.  That makes me happy.


I used a bit of my Christmas money to buy some Denyse Schmidt fabric that is discontinued.  I am throwing around some ideas for a quilt, but am not allowed to start another one until I finish the four that are already in progress.  (What?  It's cold here!)  I am planning to baste and quilt "The Little Mermaid" next week.  It is so much fun to be surrounded with beautiful, soft fabric.  As you can see, Chase agrees.

This tortilla soup is to die for.  Seriously.  I thought about it all day long.


Anonymous said...

That was the best soup I have ever had! I think Ethan looks like Peter Pan flying over the crocodile (Chase) in that first pic. Please hurry up with the cool new quilts 'cause I'm really cold. Love you.

Susan Nudelman said...

We had tortilla soup last night, too! Yum! I love the pictures. Ethan is so adorable...I want to hold him!

Dacia said...

he's really filling out! that soup looks delish!