Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Still Snowing!

Aaron made this giant snowman a couple of days ago.  Chase thought it was pretty cool, too.

It is snowing like crazy outside, but we are staying warm by the fire.  Fridays feel so good!  Our weekend will be filled with walks in the snow, homemade chai tea lattes, and playing with the little man--we can't get enough of him!  Hope you have a cozy weekend.


Sarah Seitz said...

Em - I love the new blog look! And that picture of you is just gorgeous!!

Ethan is the stinkin' CUTEST!!! He is SUCH a little cutie! Miss you guys tons and am insanely jealous of the snow!!

Love, Sarah

enudelman said...

Yes, this is very glitzy, very cool site. You have a very good eye for aesthetics~

Kristin said...

Awesome blonde hair, Ethan. You just keep getting more and more darling (if that's even possible!)
Jealous of your snow!

AB said...

We already have the newest pics of Ethan from this Blog printed out and are SO IN LOVE WITH HIM.He makes us smile. Thanks for the regular updates.

bekah said...

Love the new look and the liberty sampler block! miss you! xoxo

Ravenhill said...

Your weekend sounds dreamy! Your little man is cute as can be!

Dacia said...

sounds lovely! that is such a sweet shot of your little man!