Monday, February 15, 2010


In honor of Valentine's Day...
I love, love, love...

my three boys.
Ethan saying “Mama!”
laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath.
clean sheets.
books that I can’t put down.
jr. high memories with dear friends.
dreaming about how to use up my fabric stash.
the smell of jack-o-lanterns burning.
the crunch of dry leaves.
relaxing in a clean house.
dinner parties.
a freshly painted house.
afternoon naps.
waking up to a latte and Ethan singing.
my sewing machine.
watermelon smoothies.
the day Ethan was born.
Christmas Eve.
paying off school loans.
George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven.
Scandinavian summers.
high heels.
chai tea lattes.
spring flowers.
giving old items new life.
painted nails.
The Wedding Singer.
people who rise above difficult situations.
spontaneous adventures.
family get-togethers.
living in Europe.
the smell of lilacs.
mother of pearl buttons.
my supportive family.
cooking with Aaron.
being a life-long learner.
the sweet smell of my baby and pup.
mowing the lawn.
thunder and lightning.
good neighbors.
berry picking with my aunts.
repairing old furniture.
Cannon Beach memories.
Italian leather purses.
free time.
being Aaron’s wife and Ethan’s mom.
family traditions.
having reasons to celebrate.
curling up under a quilt.
The Dave Matthew's Band.
creative people who inspire me.
puppy and baby cuddles.
beautiful paper.
flea markets.
a good steak.
following dreams.
Liberty fabric.
the ocean.
old friends.
people watching in Piazza Signoria.
prank phone calls to friends.
the best dog park on earth.
family bike rides.
stinky cheeses.
speaking Italian.
waking up on a snow day.
everything Ethan does.
having visitors in town.
salted caramels.
C.S. Lewis.
receiving mail.
kind people.
a good shoulder rub.
foraging for mushrooms.
new friends who feel like old friends.
vintage wallpaper.

(Idea taken from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.)


Anonymous said...

So cute! You seem to have forgotten to include me in "the sweet smell of my baby and pup" and also in the "puppy and baby cuddles" but that's ok. Love you.

PS... or was I left out of the cuddles because of the sweet smell thing? Hmmm.

Sarah Seitz said...

Love this! This one made me laugh: prank phone calls to friends,

More like to family, you think you're so funny!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Emily said...

Sarah--Aaron and I just found the old script that we used on you. I died laughing.

Dacia said...

i love this!! will steal the idea if I have time!!

AB said...

Em, you have always had a thankful heart. No surprise you would be a poet. Love how you look at things.
Love, AB

Kevin said...

Wonderful post! So that's you who's been prank calling me... got it! :) said...

I love it!! These made me smile and also think of all the things I'm thankful for! What a great perpective you have on life, I love reading your blog. :) may have to use that idea too!

Susan Nudelman said...

So, Emily,

After reading about all your loves...I started foraging for caramels. I guess that shows where my mind is! You have many blessings. God is good!

Astrid said...

Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog! :) I have just been browsing here a bit, and I love your blog - photographs, words, your taste in fabric(!), and what a beautiful little boy you have! :) It's rather funny too that you're in Denmark - where are you from originally?

bekah said...

I loved this post. We have so much in life to take pleasure in and enjoy to the fullest! love you!