Friday, March 20, 2009

Look at These Pretty Buttons!

Last weekend we were playing fetch with Chase in the King's Garden and met an American couple with a baby. I got the woman's contact information and ended up getting together with her and her English speaking friends yesterday. They were all so nice and sent me information about dog boarding, birthing classes, restaurants in the area, flea markets, etc. They even invited Aaron and me to a party this weekend. A couple of the women like to sew and we might get together.

Yesterday afternoon I slowly wandered from the Metro to Aaron's lab. I stopped in an antique shop that had a bowl full of buttons. I picked these out and want to make some purses or kids clothes with them. (The buttons are an assortment of mother of pearl, ceramic, glass, and metal.)

Aaron and I might go to Sweden on Saturday or Sunday because the exchange rate is better there--many Danes do their shopping in Malmo. We want to pick up some things for the apartment and baby's room.

I found a website that has sewing and Italian language classes in Gentofte, where we will be living. The next round of classes start this fall and I plan on signing up for some evening classes then.


bekah said...

God is so faithful in providing for you and Aaron! I'm glad you are finding creative outlets! love you!

Sarah Seitz said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before you were getting numbers and making friends :)! That sounds so lovely and I can't wait until you guys get into your apartment! Then you can truly do some nesting! Love you!

Sasa and Co. said...

Hi Em and Aaron,
Thanks for keeping your blog current. We all enjoy the photos and news. Send your new address our way so we can get a b-day package to you.
Love, Sasa and Co.

Nicole and Justin Pavey said...

Congrats on transitioning all the way across the country! i love reading your blog and about your adventures. you are so creative and have such a great attitude about moving. i am jealous you get to take weekend trips across Europe! Please keep up the blogs!

Melissa said...

You guys are so lucky that you get to visit such amazing places while you live in Denmark! We really want to come visit.