Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Afternoon in Sweden

Aaron and I spent the afternoon in Malmo, Sweden yesterday. It is about a forty minute drive from where we are currently living. We walked around the shopping district and got Aaron some soccer gear, as he will start playing soon. We ate lunch in this cute little cafe in the center of town.

Aaron and I stumbled upon a Marimekko fabric store, and I was in heaven. Marimekko fabric is from Finland, but is sold throughout Scandinavia. Aaron fell in love with this fabric for Baby Noodle's room. I bought a meter and am planning on making a quilt out of it. I want to add navy blue, orange, kelly green, and some other colors and unusual patterns in the quilt. We may check out Ikea today and see if they have any fabric that will work.

I also bought a meter of this Marimekko fabric with retro glasses and bowls. I might make place mats, although things will probably get spilled on them. Maybe a bag that is washable? Pillows?

This was our view on the drive home to Denmark. The road disappears and goes underwater!


AB said...

Very fun fabric! Your pictures sure are enjoyed by all in Mill Creek.

Love you,

Dacia said...

lovely! that is so cute! how fun you get to go to sweden on the weekend.glad you are settling in. miss you.

Sarah Seitz said...

I love love love the fabrics! I think the wine glasses fabric would make really cute couch pillows also. Plus, the wine theme is just so Aaron and Emily! Did you guys take a train to Malmo? Miss you!

Emily said...

We borrowed Henrik's car this time, but we can easily hop a train next time.