Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stormy Day

The wind howled all day. The wind came in bursts and startled Chase every few minutes. He kept looking at me, studying my face for a response to the strange sounds. We finally ventured out on our regular walk along the lake, and discovered that the wind and the waves had cracked the ice on the lake.

The waves then pushed the shattered glass-like ice onto the path. Time to turn around and find another route!


enudelman said...

Brrr! We are having a short "warm" spell. It is nearly 45 degrees! We took Sofie to the beach, and she started to pull me into the ocean. I had no recourse but to let go of her leash and she quickly ran in for a swim. Played fetch for a while. Now, I have a very wet looking, scraggly dog!

Love, Mom

bwalker said...

It has been blustery and cold here too - we had a two hour late start today because of the snow!

Miss you!

Kelly said...

Hi Emily,
I'm so glad to see you are getting settled into a routine, be it altered a bit with the stormy weather. Keep posting your stories and adventures. I hope you, Aaron, and the pooch are are staying warm, well, and happy!
~Kelly Winter

Dacia said...

so pretty! but it looks freezing. you are brave to venture out. :)

AB said...

Sasa and all of us love reading about your outings with Chase. Have you thought about turning them into a children's book? I can see a good series written from Chase's point of view!

Sarah Seitz said...

Those pictures are very cool! I didn't know frozen water would crack like that on a lake! I tried to Skype you today, but to no success :(. Please can we skype soon?! You guys feel so far away! Love you, sis!