Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 2

It was snowing all last week and was bone-chilling cold. Poor Aaron has no gloves, so we were searching around for a pair and were surprised to find out that gloves cost eighty dollars over here! The snow was really exciting, but we were happy to wake up to a glorious sunny day today and minimal snow on the ground.

Aaron loves his co-workers and boss. They are all really friendly and the transition to Denmark has been smooth thanks to their help and advice. Aaron is also excited about the projects he is working on, which makes me very happy.

I have spent my days going on long walks with Chase and searching for apartments. We can't wait to find an apartment or "bungalow" and unpack our belongings. Right now we are living out of our suitcases, and aren't sure what we really brought yet. I really miss all of my craft and sewing materials! I really want to sew over here, but will have to wait until my sewing machine arrives in May.

Last weekend we were walking around downtown Copenhagen and stumbled upon this ice-skating rink. If you bring your skates from home, you can skate for free! Love it!

I take Chase for a walk around this lake every day. People walk, bike, and cross country ski on the trail.

The lake was almost completely frozen over last week, but now it is mostly thawed out. The swans that live here are fiesty and Chase is intrigued.


Sarah Seitz said...

It looks so beautiful! We have to coordinate another Skype date when I'm not half asleep! Haha! Chasey looks so very Danish in those pictures, sitting up all prim and proper :). I hope Aaron finds some gloves! We need to keep those science hands insured! Love you, Sis!

AB and Sasa said...

Hi Em,
Sasa and we all enjoy reading about your family as you get settled. We smile knowing you are so positive about your adventure.
Love you! AB