Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A trip to a distant island

Yesterday our little family visited the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint on the distant island of Møns.

Visiting this island which is 2 hours south of Copenhagen, is like stepping into a storybook filled with charming old towns, pastures filled with sheep, and houses with thatched roofs.  I highly recommend making the trip if you find yourself in Denmark.

We stumbled upon this pretty church on the way to the cliffs.

When we reached Møns Klint, not a soul was in sight. We discovered that the on-site museum was closed for the season and our car was the only one in the parking lot.  We truly had the place to ourselves.  

These stairs were tricky to get down with an excited dog who had been in the car for hours.

The stairs just kept going...

and then we saw this gorgeous water, turquoise from all of the minerals.

The cliffs were beautiful.  Apparently the chalky soil gives nutrients to a variety of orchids in the early summer.  I definitely want to go back to see that!

The erosion makes it dangerous to walk off the path and under the cliffs.  

We stopped a few times on the way back up and Aaron noticed that there were no animals, no birds, and no noise except the rustling of bare branches.  Creepy!

Today I've been having one of **those** days.  You know the ones when your dog has to have a potentially cancerous mole removed and the vet charges you 4x the quote he gave you the week before (in one of the most expensive cities in the world)? And then you get a huge parking ticket while you are at the bank in order to over pay the vet?  Yeah, I had **that** day.  The hiccups in life sure feel like speed bumps when you are going through them.  Must keep calm and carry on.  


Anonymous said...

So fun! I will never forget how creepy quiet it was there. It was truly stunning. Glad we took the drive. You guys are by far the best road trip buddies ever. Love you, Babes,

Susan Nudelman said...

Emily, it sounds like such a fun trip and the photos are great. That church is so charming! And, I love the tree with its roots exposed. Very art-nouveau looking!

I'm sorry to hear about your day. Bad veterinarian! So, about the growth...did he say it is fine now that he removed it?

AB said...

Hey Em,
You are great at keeping things in perspective. A warm meal and a good night's sleep at the end of those kind of days does a lot to help.
Everyone has to get a ticket once or twice to stay humble, right? :)
Cannon Beach memories....


Sarah Seitz said...

Looks like so much fun! So did you guys rent a car? Or borrow from someone? Looks like it was cold! Is it getting really cold there now? Sorry about your stinky day...that does not sound fun. Love you!

savvy stitch said...

Aaron--it was such a fun trip!
Susie--I think you would have loved the drive. We are praying that Chase doesn't have cancer, but I am very worried.
AB--a good night's sleep always helps. LOL re: the ticket at Cannon Beach!
Sarah-- we borrowed a friend's car, which was awesome.


Alexander said...

Love the pictures, Emmy! Tuli and I miss you and the family very much. Keep your head up- those rough days make the smooth ones feel smoother! Love you.

Dacia said...

sorry you had a bad day! hopefully things have much improved. that place looks awesome and perfect for a horror movie or harry potter. :)

Isisjem said...

Wonderful photos - it looks like an amazing place. If a little creepy.

enudelman said...

This looks so beautiful and pristine and probably a completely different experience than if the place was lousy with tourists (i.e. better). Love those gnarly trees, reminds me of a place out on the coast here in New England (I think we took you guys).