Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow and sewing

Denmark in the wintertime is completely magical.  On Friday we went for a walk in our town's downtown area and it started to snow.  The Christmas lights were lit up and strung between the buildings, which created such a sweet atmosphere.  We stumbled upon Santa Claus passing out presents to all the kiddies that walked by and women passing out Æbleskiver and mulled wine while playing Christmas music.  Danes make everything that they do cozy.  I love this about Denmark and want to incorporate hygge into all areas of my life.

We have about a foot of snow now and needless to say, we were so excited to get out in it this weekend.

Ethan has been getting more and more interested in helping out around the house.  This weekend he helped with the dishes and has been feeding Chase on a daily basis.  

This snuggle is a daily occurrence

Aaron and I laid out all of the hexagon strips this evening and it looks like my quilt is getting pretty big, although, according to my calculations, I only have 18% of my strips made.  I can't believe I already basted more than 1/3 of the hexagons I need for the quilt.  Yahoo!

What have you been up to this weekend?


AB said...

I think your dog and his boy are about as cute as it gets. Thanks for the updates. Snow is gone, but Uncle Jim's bike tire found the last chunk of ice.The pictures of Ethan will make his broken wrist feel better.
xoxo AB

enudelman said...

Great photos!! Can't wait to get some of that hygge for ourselves.... less than a month! You should be done with the quilt by then (:

Sarah Seitz said...

Love Ethan's snowsuit! Lol, it's totally like in A Christmas Story where he can't move in it!! :) The snow looks so beautiful, I wish I could be there! Wow, the quilt looks AMAZING! I can't believe how far you are! Love you!

Dacia said...

wow! look at all that progress!! you guys look like you had so much fun in the snow! I've got to get uly some gloves so he can have a better time out there next time around. your stumble-upon walk sounds picturesque. miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks AWESOME! Lets go play in the snow some more!

val said...

Hi there! You look to have so much snow fun, today we woke to snow too - quite early for this part of England. Your hexies look terrific, and encourage me to continue and take photos of my progress, perhaps next week's job "to do"
Thank you for your inspiration and enthusiasm!
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Bree said...

our two goldens are out doing something similar - in the tropical rain though, not in the snow!

Isisjem said...

Great pictures especially your little boy having a snuggle. Your hexie quilt is fabulous.

No snow to speak of where I am but the rest of the UK is pretty bad!

A-Squared said...

wow emily. the quilt is coming along beautifully. you and the hubs did a great job with the color distribution! It's stunning. Maybe I'll have to try a few.