Sunday, September 5, 2010

New additions

Meet the new additions to the quilt!

After sewing a couple hundred of these together, I have created a system.  When sewing hexagon strips together, my goal is to make the colors in each hexagon "pop." I try to do this by placing hexagons together that are coordinating colors or colors that are opposite on the color wheel.  My goal is to use at least one or two white or light fabric hexagons in each strip and surround those hexagons with bright colors.  I also try to have an even distribution of color and have at least one "fussy cut" in each strip.  My husband now knows my system and helps me arrange strips once in awhile.  Good husband!

Like I've said before, I like making hexagon strips because that way I can make sure that there is an even distribution of fabric lines, polka dots, etc. throughout the quilt.

I have been swapping fabric like crazy and have had so much fun doing it!  I enjoy meeting people that are making a hexagon quilts, too.  These pretty fabrics are from my Flickr friend, Jan.  A bunch of the fabrics she sent me are designer, including a handful of Liberty prints (my fave).

This fabric she sent with the tree stumps and mushrooms might be my favorite fabric ever.  Thanks, Jan!


Isisjem said...

Glad you like them. The tree stump is one of the few fabrics I've bought from Spoonflower. I bought a fat quarter and this was the first time I'd cut into - I thought it would look cute fussy cut.

Sarah Seitz said...

Such eye candy! I like your new method of arranging the hexies, I think this will be something you can keep up easier throughout the quilt. I bet you're going to work on this a lot in Boston with mom and dad to dote over Ethan! Love you!

Dacia said...

i love the mushrooms! who makes that? i need it!

savvy stitch said...

Jan, I LOVE that Spoonflower print--thank you for cutting into it for me!!!

Dacia, this is where you can find it:

I am also obsessed with this one:

Sarah, you're right; I think this method can be sustained throughout the creation of the quilt. So fun!

Anonymous said...

The mushroom fabric is fun! Those birds are cool too! Keep it up!


val said...

I am also smitten with the Hexie bug ..... I really don't think there is any cure and every minute I sit down I seem to HAVE to pick up the next little patch ..... but we do like it don't we? :0) Yours are looking so good.
Val xx