Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A multifaceted project. Literally.

I sewed these hexies into strips while Ethan napped today.  The fourth row from the top is my favorite.  If I swapped with you recently, you might recognize some of these fabrics!

This project consists of:

  • Searching for charm packs
  • Finding people who want to trade fabric
  • Chopping up charm packs into 2.5 inch squares
  • Walking 30 minutes to the post office with the dog and baby
  • Receiving fabric in the mail from Flickr pals :)
  • Washing, drying, and ironing fabrics
  • Cutting paper hexagons 
  • Basting hexagons
  • Arranging in rows and stitching together
  • Tracking progress and posting pics
  • Repeating all of these steps again and again
This is going to be an epic quilt.  I am throwing a party for the quilt once it's made.

If you are interested, you can track my progress on my blog's sidebar.


Isisjem said...

Yes, I recognise some of those fabrics! Whenever I swapped or got bought in charms I was eager to use them I didn't pre - wash I hope that doesn't come back to bite me!

savvy stitch said...

Jan, I would just wash your quilt in cold with one of those "color catcher" swatches. That way if any of the fabrics bleed, it won't hurt your quilt. I wonder if most people are not pre-washing fabrics. It sure adds a huge extra step to the project.

Annette said...

So Exciting! You are going unbelievably fast! Can't wait to see the end result, though I'm guessing that'll be a while yet?

savvy stitch said...

Hey Annette! I am guessing that this project will take me 6 months to complete (if I'm lucky). I am trying to baste 40 hexagons a day, but on some days I am out of paper etc., so I can't. As you know, it sure is a fun project!

Sarah Seitz said...

Love the hexie tracker you added to your sidebar! I was wondering what percentage you had completed. So fun!

Brighton Breezy said...

They are all sooooo delicious .... I love the way you're making the colours pop ...

Dacia said...

your hexie tracker is SO cute! you are wasting those hexagons. their defeat is in your future!

savvy stitch said...

Thanks, gals!

bekah said...

Em! miss you girl! Two things: I would like to send you some the pieces have to be a minimum size? color? and I am hoping to go to Europe next summer...fingers crossed this time. So keep me updated on your plans!
love you! beks

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt and I love your passion for it! I'm going to have to stop you from throwing a quilt party when you're done though. I have to draw the line somewhere. Besides, I already started planning the party I'm throwing you to celebrate when you finish it, and two parties for one quilt might be too much!

Love you and your crafty ways.

Anonymous said...


randi said...

i love these! so many fun, colorful pieces to look at!