Monday, June 28, 2010

A Week in Pictures

I have been using my new camera every chance I get.  I have so much to learn about how it works and hope to take a photography class at some point.
Hello sweet boy.  I can't bear to cut your beach boy locks. 
The weather has been fantastic lately.  We have been going on family bike rides in the evening and it stays light until 11 pm.  How great is that? 
It is hard to believe that this lake was frozen over a few months ago and people were pushing prams across the ice.
To celebrate summer solstice, the Danes burn witches--well, fake ones.  (Once upon a time they used to burn real ones.  Or at least thought they were burning real ones.)

We went to our first witch burning last year with my dad and D--it was really fun.

Once the sticks are piled high, the scarecrow witches are roped up and a guy with a paint sprayer filled with kerosene sprays it all down.  Then a match is lit and the whole neighborhood stands around the bonfire and sings a Danish song.
Ethan seemed to enjoy watching the bonfire with Daddy.  He kept pointing at it, saying, "more, more!"
On the sewing front: Ethan's quilt is growing by the inch.  At this rate he might receive it by Christmas!
Can you spot the peacock amongst the clamshells?
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Anonymous said...

Nice job putting the boy to work gardening! Glad to see him starting to earn his stay! ;)


Sarah Seitz said...

Great pics, Em! Love the ones of Ethan, his hair is getting so long! I don't blame you for not wanting to cut's too cute! Great progress on the quilt, you're getting there!!

enudelman said...

Emily, these photos are awesome and our little grandson is the peach of Gentofte (and outlying areas). He's the cutest boy ever and we can't wait to see you guys SOON (we need to make plans for you to come here!!)

savvy stitch said...

Dad, please come and visit us!!!

dacia said...

ethan is SO cute! love that little watering picture and the one with daddy. so nice to hear what you're up to, as always.

NicolePavey said...

soooooo cute! He is getting so old, love the blond locks!

Susan Nudelman said...

Such sweet photos. Keep them coming!