Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Emily: "Do you want the good news or the bad news?"
Aaron: "Bad news."
Emily: "Don't worry, I'll make something cute for Ethan out of it."
*Aaron stares into space wondering what piece of his clothing Emily has ruined.*

I washed some clothes on "finvask" which I thought meant "fine wash."  You know, the setting that you use to wash delicate items.  My washer's temperature must be set for "hot" on that setting, because Aaron's favorite sweater became itty bitty.  I mean, it could fit a second grader.  Once I realized that it was ruined, I felted the sweater and made a vest for Ethan out of it.  My mistake was Aaron's loss and Ethan's gain.

I traced a sweater vest that was made by Tout Petit.  The vest is lined with the felted wool.  (Thanks, Honey!)  I used vintage mother of pearl buttons that I already had and sewed a label in it that says it was made by Mom.  That's me!

The lake near our house is completely frozen over.  The commune roped off a safe area for people to skate.  I saw people biking and pushing prams on the ice!  (That is completely out of my comfort zone.) Aaron and Chase stood on the lake for some pictures.

Aaron, I'll get you a new sweater.  Don't worry.


Susan Nudelman said...

Emily! That's pretty funny! The vest is very cute, though. Poor Aaron...

I'm sure we could walk on our ponds, but they don't check most of them for safety, so I won't allow it! We have certainly been below freezing forever. Do you know that we actually skated on Angle Lake a few times? I don't think it was all that safe...

Anonymous said...

Love the vest, babe! It looks WAY better on Ethan than it ever did on me anyway. Can't wait for my new sweater! Good work, as usual. I can't wait to see what else you make for the boy! Love ya tons

AB said...

Just stopped laughing! Language is indeed a barrier when it's foreign.

Love the picture. Sasa has it printed out already.
AB and Co.

bekah said...

So resourceful! and Chase is looking very mature these days :)

Sarah Seitz said...

How cute is that! Did you just make up the pattern as you go? It looks great! Ethan is such the cutest little guy ever! I miss him!! Loveya!

Dacia said...

so cute!! love that vest!!

Melissa said...

Emily, you are so creative! I love the things you can do. Maybe you should shrink more stuff!