Monday, January 11, 2010

Addicted to French Food and Quilting

Aaron and I had some intense cravings for French food this weekend. I think it all started when we watched a chick flick and the characters in the film were eating croque monsieurs. On Saturday morning I perused my Barefoot in Paris cookbook and got hungrier and hungrier with each page flip. We decided that we HAD to make the croque monsieurs and boeuf bourguignon. These are not recipes that you can make everyday, unless you want to throw your New Year's resolution out the window. But, these were both incredible recipes that I will make again. We called up Jess and Pat at the last minute and asked if they wanted to come over for boeuf bourguignon on Sunday afternoon. Jessica knows how much I love Liberty fabric and brought me a piece of "The Strawberry Thief" in the pink/purple colorway when they came over. What a delightful surprise!

After they left, I took out all of my Liberty fabric, including the fabric scraps from previous projects. I would love to make a Liberty sampler quilt like this one.  Does anybody want to join me?  It looks like so much fun!  I discovered a great place to order Liberty fabric and fabric scraps.  I think that I can make a block every week or two.

Jessica made the most gorgeous clamshell quilt for her daughter by hand.  (She didn't make the one that I linked to, but you can get an idea of what a clamshell quilt is.)  This quilt inspired another friend to make one and then that inspired me to make one, too.  I am making one for Ethan out of some Amy Butler fabric I already have.  The thing that I love about this quilt is that the project is completely portable and we can all work on it when we get together with our babies.

Ethan is doing more and more every day.  This week he started waving"hi" which is so darn cute.  We sure are in love with our little guy.

I heard birds chirping for the first time in months.  Does that mean that spring is on its way?  Have a great week!


enudelman said...

loved this post, Emily!! Ethan is a peach.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! You're so crafty stinka! Oh, by the way, in your dreams about the spring thing. Remember last year, you know, when we got here in February and it was 2 degrees for 4 weeks with 2 weeks of snow? This is just the beginning of the nightmare! :) Love you.

Heather said...

Don't you just love that little red sweater that Ethan is wearing?! We fell in love with it when we saw it in DC :) Can't wait for our little girl to meet her cousin this spring!

Sarah Seitz said...

Such cute pictures of the little guy! How was the beef bourguignon? Isn't it delicious?! So much for the biggest loser, huh? Haha! Love the clamshell quilt, I've never seen that before! Miss you!!!

Tine said...

Hi Emily! What a gorgeous family you have!! And stop your fault-finding in that wonderful quilt you made ;) It is amazing!
I found the Christmas fabric with the little birds on it at Panduro on Nørre Farimagsgade near Nørreport Station. They sometimes have great sales on designer prints. But they don't tell you, you just have to stop by and have a look every so often...
I usually go to Tekstillageret (, they don't have any Liberty fabric, and they never have the full line of anything -or any of the newer prints, but it is much lower prices than the other stores.
I also order from online stores like, if I keep the total under $50 I don't have to pay taxes -I don't know what the actual limit is, this has worked for me so far (keeping my fingers crossed).
Did you take quilting classes? Where did you go? I have never taken a class, and I would just love to!

Dacia said...

oh he's looking like such a little man!! we watched Julia and Julia and left the theater starving for French food even though we'd had a huge dinner! Uly started waving recently too. How cute is that!!

Jenny said...

Dang. Now you have me craving a crouque monsignor! I had the most insanely delicious one at Cafe Campagne for brunch the other day.

LOVE all of your gorgeous quilting projects! You're amazing, girl. Don't know how you do it with that handsome little man running around!