Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Today

I cleaned the house all day yesterday, getting ready for my dad to visit again! I am soooo excited to see him and spend time together.

Ethan is doing more every day, and at times it feels like he is growing up TOO fast. He holds his head up really well when he is on his tummy and sometimes tries to roll his body over. He can also stand up for short periods of time while I am holding on to him. He is just as sweet as can be. Chase and Ethan are good company for me during the day.

I have been trying to get out of the house as much as possible and meet up with people. It makes my world not so small and makes me a lot happier. Today I am looking forward to a friend is coming over to hang out with us. I am still having a hard time over here, but am taking one day at a time and am putting things into perspective.

Ethan loves to play with these dangly do-dads on his mat and Chase always wants to join the fun.

A couple weeks later we found Chase sleeping on the play mat. What a cutie!


Kristin said...

Very cute Em! I want to hear details about your trip home... (what days and such) I'd love to see you... I'm pretty free most days! Lots of love to you!

bekah said...

Chase has to do everything Ethan does...huh? so cute! love you girl!

AB said...

What cute boys you have to keep you company.
We are counting the days until we see you.
Love, AB

Dacia said...

so cute! Uly has one of those too. Mary Lou dashes through it and knocks the bells. I think she has more fun with it than Uly does. He seems to get frustrated that he can't interact with it very well.