Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Waiting Game

I have been a little restless getting ready for Baby Noodles to arrive. (By the way, Aaron and I have decided to name our little guy Ethan!) I clean the house like crazy or nap out of pure exhaustion. My dad-in-law brought my sewing machine over last week, which I am "sew" grateful for. It has been so nice to organize my supplies and get to work. I made this portable changing pad for Ethan and have been making presents for friends who are having babies. Compared to the last one I made, I increased the size of the changing pad because you never know where you will be forced to use it!
The lilacs are in bloom in our garden. I love opening my window and smelling their sweet fragrance.
Chase and I continue to walk around the lake and visit the dog park. At the lake, the geese and ducks are having little babies. The swans are getting ready to lay eggs too.

I got together with Jessica today and walked near Tivoli. She took me to the most amazing baby shop I have ever seen. I want to own this shop! They design and create clothes that are so unusual, using new and vintage fabrics. The owner has her own studio in the back where she gets her inspiration and sews the clothes. Some day I will have this set up!


Lindsay Wais said...

Ethan is the perfect name! By the way I love the changing pad you made us. I just started using a month ago when Nolan outgrew the previous one that came with his diaper bag. The funny thing is you know me so well that you picked such appropriate colors it matches my diaper bag perfectly.

Emily said...