Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Popsi has been working in Aaron's lab for over a week. He stays in a hotel downtown, but comes up every night for dinner. We also spent the entire weekend together, which was a blast. Last weekend we went to a couple of flea markets and also visited Nyhavn, the historical harbor. (See picture above.)Last week my neighbor and I potted these plants for our front entry. We were really proud of our work and couldn't stop admiring our pots. I am also growing tomatoes, herbs, sunflowers, lavender, and rosemary. I want the back patio to look beautiful for our guests who arrive SOON! Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperative the last couple of days, so I don't know if I will have a chance to fix things up before the baby arrives.

Carrie, my American friend, set up a lunch last week (near my house) which gave me the opportunity to meet some of her friends. Carrie is so thoughtful--she gave me a bunch of things that I am going to need when the baby arrives, as well as a cute toy for the pram and baby pajamas. Her friends were also very friendly and gave me their contact information and told me to get in touch if I needed ANYTHING. It was reassuring to meet women who are in the same situation as me. Some of them even like to sew! Last week I also got together with Jessica, an Australian woman from my prenatal class. She took the train to my town and we chatted over ice-cream. Jessica's husband is also here on a post-doctoral fellowship. I discovered that she likes to quilt by hand. (I don't think I would have the patience for that!) We plan on checking out some fabric stores next week.

Unfortunately, the last couple of sessions of our prenatal class have been cancelled. I am not confident that we will make it to the make-up sessions because Baby Noodles is due in less than two weeks! We are so excited! Chase and Dolly are still in love and continue to share treats and bones everyday. What cuties!

Anders and Marie (two of Melissa's friends from Capernwray) biked to our house last night for dessert. They are really lovely people! We enjoyed getting to know both of them.


enudelman said...

I've been having a blast, Emily! Great food and pleasurable walks and 'Bear' sleeping on me. And I even got to beat you and Aaron TWO games in dominoes. much love, pops

Sarah Seitz said...

that sounds so wonderful, em! can you imagine if chase and dolly had babies? haha! what a frightful thought! it sounds like you are making some wonderful friends, i'm so glad!

bekah said...

you're such a little nester! :) I love it! It sounds like you are becoming part of a community over there! I'm praying for you and the upcoming delivery! love you!