Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Cop

In our recent days we have begun to realize that traveling around the city with no bike or car is relatively difficult. To make matters worse, the trains are quite spendy, and Chase is not allowed on the bus. Being the creative genius that Aaron is, he has decided that Chase will train to be a police dog, thus giving him full access to all public transportation for free. As you can see in the picture above, Chase likes his new calling and has fully embraced the tough cop pupsona.

Okay, maybe not, but he can sure play the part.

I have been taking Chase on walks everyday and have been spending time with our Scottish neighbor, Sharon. (She has a Bichon Frisé that has become Chase's girlfriend--they are really cute together.) Sharon isn't working for the next month, so she has taken me to different shops and to the beach a few times with our pooches. It is really nice to share the house with an English speaking dog lover. (She lives on the top floor of the house.) She also has a really quick wit, which is hilarious!

Yesterday, Aaron and I walked to Ikea and bought a sofa and more household items. It takes a long time to set up the house--especially without a car. We had to walk home of course, and I think it just about killed me because I was planning on going out today, but completely crashed from exhaustion. My back and feet ache from all of the walking we have been doing, and my energy is depleted. Luckily, Aaron has been doing a bunch of the cleaning, cooking, and dog walking because he is such a good husband.


enudelman said...

funny boy! Love the sun glasses! I wish I could Sofie along to keep Chase company.
Love, Mom

Dacia said...

I hear that. I get tired out very quickly! And I very much remember not having a car and walking everywhere. You'll build up all the muscles you need soon and it will be second nature to walk everywhere. How did you get the couch home if you didn't have a car? Love the updates!!

Emily said...

Luckily Ikea delivers!