Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Great Afternoon

Aaron and I were invited to Henrik and Ulla's house along with the whole lab to celebrate Steve's 60th birthday. Steve, Henrik, and Popsi worked together in Seattle for many years--so it was really fun for them to be reunited again. (Popsi, my father-in-law, just flew in to do some research in Denmark.) Henrik had steaks flown in from Wisconsin and we ate the most amazing meal out on their deck overlooking the lake. The steaks were a real treat because quality beef is not easy to find over here.

It was eighty degrees outside and glorious.

It is hard to believe that this lake froze over two months ago. It has been sunny and hot here everyday for the last three weeks.


Dacia said...

yay for sun! sounds like a lovely night

Kristin said...

Haha, and I just updated again, short but sweet. Hooray we are both baby boy mammas!

I will look forward to seeing you in Sept. as well! I'll probably be as big as a house!

Those pictures are gorgeous and 80 degree days make me envious!

Lots of love,

Sarah Seitz said...

Hi Em! Those were such beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous of the warm weather, we still haven't quite gotten there! Hey, we are moving next door to the middle sized house on J & R's property. Exciting, huh? We'll post pictures of our new place once you do ;). Love you, sis!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! I'm still recovering from all that great food and wine! Best host award goes to Henrik and Ulla once again!