Thursday, March 12, 2009

Springtime, Sushi, and More Snow!

We were hoping that spring was on the way. Flowers started budding in yards, cut tulips began to line the grocery store shelves, and it seemed to be getting warmer. But this afternoon it started to snow and the lake is partially frozen again! At least it is gorgeous outside--winter or spring.

Henrik is a gourmet chef...seriously! He has been making the most amazing meals on the fly and with no recipe...homemade pasta, homemade goat cheese lasagna with homemade lasagna noodles, and sushi! Aaron and I are having a lot of fun eating these delicious dinners and are getting inspired to cook healthy gourmet.

Day before yesterday I took the train downtown to hit up a fabric store and then met Aaron at his lab. Henrik and Ulla (our hosts) both work in the same building as Aaron. Ulla was kind enough to show me her office and give me a tour of the lab. We are so blessed to be able to stay with Henrik and Ulla while we are waiting for our lease to start in April. They are so kind, gracious, and have really made us feel welcome in their home.


Dacia Ray said...

that is so kind of them. they sound like excellent hosts. you'll have to send me your new address as soon as you have it. I have a package that is just about ready to go in the mail.

enudelman said...

have you gotten Henrik to teach you how he makes his pasta? He seems to have it down to a system. I make it, but I'm very slow. If you learn from him, then you can teach me!


enudelman said...

by the way! I'm jealous. We haven't the slightest hint of spring flowers yet. Those in your picture, are called snowdrops and are some of the earliest bloomers.

Love, Mom

Emily said...

I'll figure out how to make the pasta. He says it is really easy. (I think the only ingredients are flour and egg.)

enudelman said...

Great! Could you ask if he uses regular flour or semolina? The part that I have most difficulty with, is rolling it properly.

Sarah Seitz said...

Oh my goodness! That looks amazing! Levi and I are drooling...! Can't WAIT to come visit, we'll have to get some home cooked meals by Henrik! Love you!