Monday, October 13, 2008

Project Runway Part 1

Have you ever wanted to be a designer on Project Runway? I sure have! Then I started thinking...why can't I participate in another version off camera? Over dinner with a friend, a plan was devised. My two sister-in-laws, two friends and I each have a month to create a dress from scratch. But the night of "the reveal," there will be no contestants sent home. Instead, we plan on wearing our dresses and celebrating our hard work over dinner.

I started my dress on Friday, and got over my initial anxiety of the whole thing after I started cutting the fabric. I am creating my dress in muslin first, then will start cutting the prettier fabric. This dress form is making the job SO MUCH EASIER than I imagined. I can pin and fold and cut and pin, right on the dress form.

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Dacia said...

that is so cool!