Sunday, July 20, 2008

Berry Picking, Sunshine, and Antiques

I love traditions. For the past few years, every Fourth of July I go berry picking with one of my aunts. This year, since I was sick on the Fourth, we decided to change the date and pick berries today. Sadly, I am also sick today, but am feeling better. (I keep catching bugs from little kids!) We went to Remlinger Farms, and the raspberries were huge! Aaron and Chase walked around the farm while I chatted with my aunts and picked the berries.

After we left the farm, we drove the long way home and stopped in a small old town called Preston.
We walked to an antique shop that was having a sidewalk sale, and everything was a dollar. I found a cute 1950's tablecloth, huck hand towels, and a gorgeous piece of old fabric for a skirt.

I also found these tourist hand towels of Venice.

This set of French nesting food prep. bowls were scored at a thrift store this weekend--now Aaron and I can cook like the pros. Tonight I might make a raspberry cobbler and finish my patio chair. Yeah!


Your hubs said...

Once again I am blown away by your treasure hunting skills! You should get a parrot and a peg-leg and start saying aarrr, cause you're bringing home some serious booty matey.

Casey and/or Julianna said...

The antique loot is quite impressive, but those raspberries are gorgeous! Berries are both elusive and ridiculosly costly here, and I've been pining for them lately. We'll have to do our catching up over a bowl of berries. Can't wait!

Dacia said...

lovely finds! you know there are people on Etsy who sell their vintage finds for a markup. you could set up a shop. it would at least make shopping free for you!

Kristin said...

I love your eclectic finds girl! It inspires me!