Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am done with school FOR GOOD (unless I decide to go back to go to school) and it feels amazing! We had a family celebration this weekend which was really fun. My brother graduated in the same program, so there was a lot to celebrate! I started my summer job this past week (taking care of a sweet 9-month-old boy) in downtown Seattle and I love it. I am substitute teaching this next year which will provide me with a lot of flexibility and experience in the classroom. I plan on working on some sewing projects this week.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you and Alex! Casey and I will be back in the States August 2nd. Looking forward to catching up with you in person!

Nicole Sutherland said...

Hey Emily! I'm glad you have a blog too! I will bookmark it as well so I can keep up with you! Excellent sewing, how do you have time??

Sparky said...

Congrats! No more school ever!!! Until you decide to go back :)