Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I finished the quilt!

I finished Sasa's quilt and even embroidered our names on the edge of it.

I quilted Sasa's quilt the same way Rita did.  I think that quilting it in this way secures the raw edges inside the quilt, which will hopefully make it stand up to repeated washings etc.  I love the quilt's crinkled look after it is washed.

Waking up to this munchkin everyday is such a delight.


Susan Nudelman said...

You did that in record time! I love that little munchkin! Why does he look so Danish? Is it the air?

Sarah Seitz said...

Em! It's beautiful! I love the quilting with straight lines, too. I want to see the embroidery though, post a pic! Ethan, you are the cutest!!! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I never saw this post. Gorgeous pics of the quilt and the boy. LOVE your work babes!