Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Playing tourist

Aunt Bunny and Uncle Jim came to visit us a little over a week ago, along with our family from Holland (Aunt Annie, Uncle Arthur, and Kevin).  We had SO MUCH fun, laughed a ton, and they seriously spoiled us rotten.  

We took them to all the must-see tourist spots in Copenhagen.  It is fun to play tourist in your own city.
This was Addison's first trip to Nyhavn.  I seriously love this place.
We had pølsers at Rådhuspladsen and hit up every bakery we could find.

It was fun to explore these little cobbled streets downtown

 and see houses that have become slanted over the last few hundreds years.

 On one of our walks, we walked by a woman who I thought was the Queen of Denmark.  I asked the shop owner (who she was talking to minutes before) if it was indeed the queen.  He said that it wasn't, but that our guess was close.  He didn't tell us who she was to protect her privacy.
 Isn't this the coolest bike you've ever seen?
 It was parked in front of an art gallery.

 "I'm just cuddling Ethan's favorite stuffed animal, not eating it!"

 Much of our time together revolved around delicious food and caffè lattes.  Lots and lots of lattes.
(Sidenote: I started my new exercise regimen the day after they left.)
 We visited a cute town up north on the coast and hit the beach after we drank lattes and ate yummy food.
 We drove to Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød and toured the castle and spectacular gardens.
 There are 65,000 boxed plants in this garden.  Pretty incredible, huh?
 Addison fell in love with her Aunt Bunny and can't wait to move back to Seattle to be near her auntie.
 Now that all of our company is gone, the house is empty and we are consoling ourselves with the block of gouda cheese that they brought us, which happens to be from our old family farm in Holland.
 Last night Aaron snapped these cute photos of the kiddos.
 Tiger kisses for Baby Addison.

 I love this shot so much...
 and this one.
Have a great week!


Susan Nudelman said...

I love this post! All the pics,etc..especially the ones of Ethan and Addie together! So sweet! Em, I think you have Aunt Bun's smile!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS POST!! So many fun pics and fun memories. My goodness those kiddos are the cutest! Love ya.


AB and UJ said...

Oh, we miss you all. Thanks for your update and fun captions, Em. Tiger is alway SO nice.
xoxo AB

Dacia said...

looks like so much fun! appears that you are having a similar summer as us--all that gray and coats! arg. babes are so beautiful and love that bike! i need me some pink tires!

enudelman said...

Great, great photos Em. The ones with Ethan and Addie are award winning!

Dacia said...

missing you here! :)