Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quilt progress

A couple of weeks ago I started sewing together hexie strips.  Now the fun begins!
I am trying to evenly distribute colors in the quilt.
 I love the mishmash of fabrics
and Addie's double chin
and Addie and her double chin on Auntie Sarah's quilt
and my darling son
and all the sushi we ate at Henrik and Ulla's house this evening.   


AB and Sasa said...

UJ and I just love your newest photos of your accomplishments! Hugs to Ethan and Addie.
The quilt is beautiful too.

Susan Nudelman said...

So sweet! I love your darling son, too! And Baby Addie's wonderful double chin!

Keep on Hexin'!!!!

Dacia said...

I am freaking out over Ethan's green car shirt! Ack! We need one of those STAT. :) Your quilt is coming along. I'm amazed at how much you've gotten done. Such darling little ones and hexies. Ethan's got such a blue steel look going on here. Quite the heart throb, I'm sure. Uly's starting saying "Going to pick up la-dies" whenever it's riotously inopportune--like to the lady ringing up our groceries and at the bar making coffee, etc. All the cuteness!!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is looking great! Awesome pics of the kiddos. I love them tons too! And I love you!

bekah said...

great work on the quilt! happy sewing :)

Di2Quilt said...

There's nothing more precious than photos of our children!:) Beautiful hexies!!

Sarah Seitz said...

GAH, I'm in love with Addie's double chin! She looks so perfect on her quilt! And I'm freaking out over how much she looks like Ethan! Love you all!