Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

Easter weekend in Denmark is the best.  Just about everybody gets the Thursday and Friday before Easter off, as well as the Monday after Easter off.  It's fabulous.  Summer suddenly appeared in Copenhagen, so we spent all of our time outside.
 We set up Ethan's pool in the backyard and read books out in the sun.  We also went on bike rides in the sunshine, took a couple of drives, and barbecued in the evenings.  We all feel so refreshed after a fabulous break!  
Ethan went on an Easter egg hunt on Sunday and absolutely loved it!  Aaron filled the eggs with strawberries and blueberries and it was a hit.  After church, Ethan asked us to re-hide the eggs, which we did, and now Ethan hides them for us to find.
 This was the moment that he realized that he found a few "DVD Car" Easter eggs.

 I'm now trying to put the house back together and cram in a few sewing projects before the baby arrives.  We are getting really excited to meet this little girl!
Back view
I made another ice-cream dress when Bekah was visiting.  Bekah made an identical one for a friend who is having a girl.
My sweet brother and darling sister-in-law-to-be sent me this gorgeous fabric from India.  I'm in love with this print.
I found a glass button in my stash that looks similar to the floral pattern on the fabric.  I love it when that happens!


Susan Nudelman said...

Ethan is looking more and more like a combo of you two! So fun to see. Tell him he needs to hide eggs for gramma when she comes. I miss egg-hunts!

The dress is adorable. I love Indian fabrics. You know that the fabrics of Provence (my favorites!) were inspired by Indian fabrics? So, they are very similar.

Looking forward to seeing all of you! Hurray!

savvy stitch said...


Ethan will be thrilled to hear that he gets to hide eggs for you, too! I didn't know that the fabrics of Provence were inspired by Indian fabrics--how cool. I'm really interested in Indian fabrics right now. We're getting excited to see you!

Anonymous said...

Ohh My Word! You are so talented Emily! The dress looks great! So glad you are enjoying the fabric. Eathan looks great too! Please give him a great big hug from both Alex and I.
Big Hug

Hearthandmade said...

that fabric is adorable! i love it! Im trying to get myself together to do a simple patchwork quilt. Lets just say I am taking my sweet time! I love your dog too ^_^

AB and Sasa said...

Ethan is looking like a big brother. You are a beautiful family. Great to know Grandma is getting her suitcase ready!

Love the blog! Keeps us smiling.

bekah said...

DVD car eggs!!! What a find :) I can just picture his excitement and the joy you guys got out of it!