Thursday, January 20, 2011

Checking in

Yesterday my husband found a hexagon in the fridge, today my son threw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him play with the bus and car hexies (because he had sticky hands), and hexagons have become permanent fixtures on the kitchen table.  Clearly I have an addiction a love for these six sided beauties.  I have basted 2304 out of 3815 hexagons for my queen size quilt.  I refuse to give up on this project!

On Sunday, all but two of my friends will have left Denmark, and unfortunately, one of them is back to work full-time.  Making great friends only to have them leave is exhausting and sad.
Today I am thankful that the sun was shining, the snow melted, blueberry muffins were made, I got to visit with my sweet friend who is leaving on Sunday, and I spend the day with these darlings.


Susan Nudelman said...

When next you've done a hexagon, don't vex your son...just give him one!

Love, Mom

A-Squared said...

how great is it to have a mil that gives good advice and is a poet too!

savvy stitch said...


I usually do give him some to hold and then find them in interesting places like his toy box or our recycling bin. I'm sure I'll find plenty more when we up pack to move home!

Susan Nudelman said...

I'll never forget our wild night-time hunts for Tiger-Cub! We found him in such interesting places!

Anonymous said...

Look at those cute boys so happy cuddled on one of your gorgeous quilts! Keep up the good work hexing!
Love ya.

Dacia Ray said...

that is too hilarious! he's such a cutie. maybe you should make him a hexie tiger cub!

AB said...

You bring big smiles to our faces, and the poetry is just up my alley.
Your love of fabric is fascinating and fun to follow, Em. Tiger Cub will get a friend in the mail for baby sis soon.