Monday, August 9, 2010

The best place on Earth

This weekend I was once again reminded how much I love Denmark in the summer. On Sunday we went to our local dog park and rode our bikes while Chase frolicked with other dogs and ran through the mud.

This isn't your run of the mill dog park. This dog park has a large manor on the grounds, owned by Danish royalty.


Isn't it pretty?

This is the Swiss chalet that serves cold drinks...some of these cold drinks are on tap.

The park goes on and on and on--I still haven't explored all of it.

No dog park would be complete without a swamp

and swamp flowers.

Did I mention that the queen has a rose garden there, too?

An afternoon tea is served in the garden on Sundays.

Are these old stables?
Babes riding in the bike

Chase thinks it is the best place on Earth.


Dacia said...

this does look like the best place on Earth. love that garden! it's so perfect! ethan is starting to look like such a little man. looks like he got a haircut?

AB said...

Those pictures are really fun for Sasa and me to view. Thanks for the updates, Em. I hope you will have tea in the garden someday. Love, AB
( Babes is VERY handsome!)

Merissa said...

wow em! that is just about all i need to ship my dogs and come visit!=) love the pics and hexagons.