Friday, July 30, 2010

Handsome Hexies

I was bitten by the hexagon bug and now I am making a throw size hexagon quilt.  I joined the Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece-Along and managed to persuade two friends to join me.  (Jess and Bekah, you rock!)  These are one inch, paper-pieced hexagons; I'll need over 1,000 hexagons *gasp* to finish the project.  Melanie, who started the piece-along, is making a quilt with no two fabrics that are the same.  Yes, that means that she has over 1,000 different swatches of fabric.  You can find a link to her GORGEOUS quilt here.
These are my favorites so far.  It is going to be an "eye spy" quilt of sorts.  These fabrics are mostly Liberty of London, with a couple of Heather Ross prints mixed in.
Here is my thought process day two of making the quilt: When piecing hexies together, the colors/style/pattern of one hexagon leads to the next.  For example, on the bottom row starting on the left, the little stars in the flower remind me of the little star-like shapes in the fabric to the right of it.  Then the purple mermaid coordinates with the fabric to the left of it.  The mermaid looks like she is diving into a teal pool in the Amy Butler print and the mushrooms coordinate with the Amy Butler hexie.  This process is completely subjective and it is fun finding links between all of the hexies that I am piecing together.  I am piecing the hexies in strips of five which I can then move around in order to get an even distribution of colors and prints.

This is going to be a portable side project for me and one that will take a very long time to complete!  I want to finish up a dress I made for Sarah's Pattern Challenge this weekend.  I am so close to finishing it!

Have you been bitten by the hexagon bug, too?


Anonymous said...

Wow, this one is going to take FOREVER!!! But I know it's going to be awesome! I'll take the boys on some fun day trips out sometime so you can get some full days of quilting! Love you. Keep up the great work.

Susan Nudelman said...

Emily, you have an amazing amount of patience for these long projects! And, you rarely quit before finishing, which is a very good trait! I made a needlepoint tapestry, that I started out all gung-ho with, then quit for 3 years, before taking it up again and finishing it!

Sarah Seitz said...

Amazing! I love that you are fussy cutting these! This is going to be gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

I stumbled on this blog entry because I am looking to do a hexie quilt myself, and I'm scratching my head over coordinating the little pieces! I'll be looking through your photos for inspiration.