Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gourmet Scrap Quilt Top

You know how I was making this quilt?  I got a *little* sidetracked.  I really fell in love with Rita's HST overload quilt and decided to make a quilt like this for Sasa, my very special grandma.

Sasa's quilt is made exclusively out of scraps of Liberty fabric.  As it ends up, I cut WAY too many triangles for my other Liberty quilt, so it made sense to make Sasa a quilt using triangles.

The Liberty Tana Lawn is so soft--I love it.  This is my favorite quilt to date.

I think the high contrast blocks look the best.

Tonight I plan to baste it and hopefully can start quilting tomorrow.


Sarah Seitz said...

WOW, beautiful, Em! I too love the blocks with high contrast! Man, that must be one SOFT quilt top with all of those Liberty fabrics! Love it!!


Wow! Wow!! Just a stunning quilt, and all that Liberty?! You've got great fabric style.

Beautifully pieced, glad you got a *little* sidetracked.


enudelman said...

So nice! I LOVE it!

enudelman said...

Oh, by the way, that last comment was Mom. Didn't realize I'm logged into Dad's account!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS ONE! I think your quilts keep getting better and better! You rock. PS...I want one of these quilts, but I want you to find a way to make the triangles form a pinwheel, and I want it all in alternating dark and light, and all in guy fabrics! Oh, and I want it for this winter cause it's really cold here. Oh, and I'll pay :)


ps...Chase wants one too

Dacia said...

look at you go!! i can't believe how much quilting you've done! amazing! i do like the high contrast ones best, too.