Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catch Up

I was reminded by Sasa, my sweet grandmother, to update my blog. It has been awhile! Aaron and I have been busy enjoying Denmark at Christmastime.

We bought a tree and carted it home in our bike. (You can kind of see the bike in the background.) We thought that this was a great idea until Ethan woke up and realized that there was an enormous tree in his face and started crying. We were nowhere near home when this happened.

Did you know that many Danes leave their Christmas trees outside?

Our family was invited over to our friends' house to enjoy birthday cake last weekend. St. Nicholas made a surprise appearance and brought toys for all the kids. It was really, really sweet.

We went to Tivoli this week with Jess, Pat, and Ruby. Tivoli at Christmastime is gorgeous--lights and decorations everywhere.

Ethan met Santa and told Santa what was on his Christmas list.

Danes don't seem to knead the breads that they make, which is just my style. They just mix the ingredients and let the bread rise overnight. I will be making bread on a regular basis.

Finally, a photo of my quilt progress. I basted my quilt last week and used the painter's tape to create straight lines for quilting. I fell in love with Tallgrass Prairie Studio's loopy quilting, so I am giving it a try. Jacquie, from TPS was kind enough to email me and give me some helpful hints for this technique. Freemotion quilting is very difficult and is hard on the hands.

We have snow here and are staying warm indoors.


Sarah Seitz said...

oh my gosh! the cuteness of ethan in a bear suit on santa's lap is RIDICULOUS!!! he is the sweetest thing ever! and i love seeing how you guys biked home your Christmas tree! i'm so so impressed!

Em - the quilt looks GORGEOUS!! i can't wait to see more of it! i love that you tried the loopy quilting! i've seen that technique before and thought it looked super fun! i can't wait to see the finished product, i know it will be beautiful!

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Christmas in Denmark is the best! Keep up the crafting! The quilt looks great babes. Can you make me some more of that great bread for tomorrow? XXXOOOXXX
That guy you live with who loves you and isn't the dog or the baby.

Susan Nudelman said...

I'm so glad for your new post! Been checking every day! I love sweet Ethan with St Nick. So cute. Did you make the loaf of bread in the picture? That is basically the same concept as the bread in 5 minutes a day.

AB said...

Emily, we love the new additions to your blog. It's fun to see Reindeer Ethan. We love you all so much.
Keep writing you make us all smile. The tree in the face will be a fun story for Ethan.

Emily said...

Thanks, family!

Mom-Yes I made the bread, and it was sinfully simple.