Monday, November 16, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

We have had a great week! Aaron and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary on Thursday. I can't believe that we have been married for four years! I woke up to breakfast in bed, had flowers delivered to me, and enjoyed a gourmet meal with my little family. It was such a great day.

This delicious dessert is called aebleskiver. Aaron and I LOVE them. We found out that supermarkets sell them around Christmas. They taste like a fried pancake ball.

I have been addicted to making Christmas ornaments the last couple of weeks. Aaron and I didn't bring any of our Christmas decorations from Seattle, so I have had an excuse to craft. (Not that I ever really needed an excuse!)

I found out that two friends, Mhiles and Anne, are just as obsessed with making ornaments. We have spent three full days in Santa's workshop (a.k.a. Anne's art studio). We have had a blast eating snacks and inspiring each other. Ethan is in love with Anne's puppies. Oty, the basset hound, is extremely interested in Ethan's toys and loves to snuggle.

The first ornaments we made were the earless felt horses.

I made the Libery bell and tree from an old MCall's pattern. The snowflakes were Martha's idea.

The owl family is my favorite. We got ideas from Etsy and then created our own spin. The owls and birds are made from felted wool. I stitched the owls together with metallic thread. The eyes are made from vintage mother of pearl buttons.

The birds started this whole ornament obsession. I bought some felted wool weeks back and couldn't stop thinking about making little birds. I love how they turned out.

Have a great week!


Sarah Seitz said...

Yay, I've been dying to see what you're up to!! Looks like we are both on the same ornament kick! They are so fun to make, huh? I LOVE the owls! Also, I'm going to try making those little birdies too! Is that the pattern from "Last Minute Patchworked and Quilted Gifts"? I think you have that book, right?

Love you, sis!

Sarah Seitz said...

PS - I love that Ethan and Chase are snuggling together on the quilt I made Ethan! Sooo cute!

Emily said...

Sarah, I made my own bird template after looking at the shape of this one:

I don't have that book. Do you like the projects in the book?

Ethan and Chase love your quilt. And we love YOU!

Anonymous said...

You're the best babes! I love the owls and the birds and the tree and the bell and the snowflake! The pink horse with a bow...uh, nice too! When are you going to make me my monkey ornament?


Susan Nudelman said...

Love them Emily! My favorites are the birds, since birds are my current obsession! They are SO sweet! Those little horses are pretty darned cute too! Can't wait to see them all on your tree!

And, of course, we can't get enough photos of Ethan and Chase!

Love, Mom

Lauren said...

Although, I'm not ready for Christmas yet, I LOVE your ornaments! Especially the horses, as they are my favorite animal.

AB said...

Emily, you make me smile!
I think your tree will top them all. Love the owls. Do you think 2nd graders could do them? :)
Ethan is a doll. We love the updates.

Love, AB and Sasa

Dacia said...

love your ornaments! especially the owls (of course) and the tree and bell! so cute!!

Dacia said...

oh and have you seen these: and

Emily said...

AB-They could probably make the horses and the maybe the birds. They were both pretty easy to make. I made the birds two sided, but they could make them one sided and use glue for the wings and eyes.

Dacia-Great links! I'll show these to my crafting buddies.

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! Those ornaments are too dang cute. You're talented, lady!

I didn't know you blogged either ; ) I'm setting up a blogroll this week so I'll add savvystitch.