Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festival

Susen and Brad, our dear friends and neighbors from Seattle, visited us last week. It was sooo good to spend some time together. We became friends because we always saw each other while walking our dogs. (In fact, we are now Monty's dog parents!) Knowing that they love dogs, our first stop was Bernstorff dog park--Chase's favorite place.

The day after they arrived, I took Brad and Susen to see the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn on a clear, crisp day. I also wanted them to get a feel for old Danish buildings, so we took the bus to The Open Air Museum. This is the best museum because it is free AND you can bring dogs, so Chase came with us.

We visited on the right day, because there was a fall festival in full swing.

There were stands where you could buy fresh produce, honey, and baked goods.

I bought a gingerbread cookie from a Danish girl who decorated it for me with delicious icing.

This festival was so cool, there was even a tight rope walker and a man that did acrobatics on a pole.

I REALLY wanted to ride this ship.

A fall festival wouldn't be complete without a flea circus.

I think that Denmark is the best country in which to be a kid.


Sarah Seitz said...

That festival looks so fun! Ethan is getting so big, you need to post some more pictures of him on your picassa!! I can't wait to come visit you guys!!

Susan Nudelman said...

Hi Em! Somehow, totally missed this post until today! Looks like you had lots of fun! Aren't fall fesivals the best?