Friday, July 31, 2009

Five of my Favorite Things About Florence

Aaron, Ethan, and I just got back from a fabulous vacation in Florence. Florence is my favorite city to visit. There is so much to do! (I will post pictures next week.)

The art and architecture

The Duomo

Sipping wine and eating meats and cheeses at my wine bar

People watching at Rivoire in Piazza Signoria

Cappuccinos and hot chocolate


Anonymous said...

Best trip ever! Thanks for such a fun time showing me around your old stomping grounds. Love ya!

Susan Nudelman said...

Do you know that I have NEVER been to Italy? And, Italian food is my favorite. NOT FAIR!!!!

bekah said...

I love everything that is this blogpost and italian! I think I may have to go back and look through all my pictures! miss you!