Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Days, Sleepless Nights

Today Ethan is a little over two weeks old. Things take much longer to accomplish now that I have a dog AND a baby. A job that took me a little over two hours to do, like cleaning the house, now takes two days. TWO DAYS!

Our home nurse has been to our house three times now. (Having a visiting nurse is one of the perks about Denmark.) The nurse weighed him and we discovered that Ethan has been growing like a weed. (See picture.) This means that we don't have to wake up in the middle of the night and feed him every four hours. Yay! Aaron and I are sleep deprived but very happy. I haven't managed to nap during the day because either Chase or Ethan have had other plans. Hopefully this will change with more trips to the dog park.

Aaron and I went to the embassy today and applied for Ethan's passport and social security card. When Aaron headed to work, Ethan and I hopped the train up north (by ourselves!) and checked out the shopping center. I have been desperate for clothes because I only have maternity clothes over here. Nothing is worse than wearing baggy pregnancy clothes when you're not pregnant! We visited H&M and I bought enough to get by until Dad and Denise bring some clothes over in a couple of weeks.

My mom- and dad-in-law went home to Boston and we were very sad to see them go. We had a blast with them.

I am hoping to start blogging about future sewing projects. It might be awhile though!


Anonymous said...

Sooooo happy these days! Soooo tired these days! Usually not happy when tired, so I guess we're going through some minor changes in life. Love the post and the pic of little guy, but want to see some pics of you out and about in the city with him! Love ya.

Sarah Seitz said...

So cute of him being weighed! Just get to see his little feetsies. Miss you!

Susan Nudelman said...

Glad you found some clothes! Now, we need a pic of you modeling them!
Miss you guys! Love, Mom

Lindsay said...

Non-pregnancy clothes definitely make you feel A LOT better! I couldn't wait to get out of mine too : )