Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Aaron and I moved into our new house and love it! The baby's room is still not put together, but hopefully we can do some of that this weekend. I'll post some pictures soon! Last weekend Aaron and I were on the hunt for flea markets in the area on both Saturday and Sunday. Didn't find one either day. Maybe we'll get lucky this weekend and find some furniture for the baby's room. We ended up walking for hours downtown in the sunshine and had a blast. We even took Chase with us on the train.

Today, Aaron and I went to our first baby appointment at the local hospital. The hospital is only five blocks from our house! I found out that I can get acupuncture once I go into labor and there is a traveling nurse who will make regular house calls once the baby is born. We will be attending childbirth preparation classes for English speakers next week. Maybe I'll make a new friend!


Jenifer said...

Hi Emily!

Catching up with your blog - love your posts! Congrats on moving into your house - that must feel good! Love the pics and Chase stories. We miss you guys!

Looks like your house here is now occupied - and I suspect with small kiddos - by the littering of toys and trikes in the front patio. Still think of you every morning and evening when we pass.

Take care!
Jenifer & Sweet Finley

Nicole and Justin Pavey said...

Yay you are in your place! Thanks for the updates!

Dacia Ray said...

look at your belly! you look great. so glad you are moved in and have your own space! nice about the acupuncture. I read that less than 20% of women in Europe use epidurals, because they have better/different ways to deal with pain. I also read that they have less caesareans and of course, a much lower infant mortality rate. I'm sure you are in much better care there than here!

enudelman said...

Hey Em... what a beautiful picture of you, Chase and my first grandson!

AB said...

Happy to you, today. Hope this is a wonderful day and weekend.

Love, AB and Co.