Thursday, August 21, 2008

Canning and China

I canned dill green beans with a friend a couple of weeks ago and they are so good! We ended up purchasing 16 pounds of green beans, which cleaned out a vendor's supply at the Pike Place Market. We worked really quickly and both ended up with twelve jars of goodness before dinnertime. I hope to make pickles before summer is over.

Aaron and I found our wedding china! I have been in love with this china for years, as it is the same china that my grandma has. It is Lenox "Rhodora" china and was made until the 1960's. Aaron and I found it at an estate sale and bought the partial set for a little over a dollar a piece!


Dacia said...

yumm! that was so fun, Em. We'll have to get to our pickles soon!

Anonymous said...

These are soooo good! Thanks, and make more for me to eat.