Friday, June 6, 2008

The Life of an Unemployed Woman (for 9 More Days)

I have one more class next week and then I am done with school--I can't believe it! I have been doing some work for this children's literacy class, but have spent much of my time at home with Chase. His paws have been hurt for a couple of weeks, so he was in a cone until recently. He doesn't seem to mind and is such a relaxed and happy puppy when I am home. We went over to a friend's house last week who is planning a trip to Italy with her husband. Aaron and I had fun reminiscing about all of our favorite spots in Florence and Venice. We want to go back and visit once Aaron finishes his program, but might wait because the exchange rate is so horrible. Aaron and I have been busy baking biscotti, palmiers, and chocolate chip cookies this week for my sister-in-law's graduation celebration. I might start a sewing project for Aaron's aunt tomorrow. I have one more week of relaxation before work begins.


Anonymous said...

Love this pic! Sign says 'turn off lights' and Chase says 'who turned out the lights?'

Sarah Seitz said...

Oh Chase...what a silly head. Glad you are enjoying your time off! The cookies were AMAZING! Love you!